We are an innovative production company with over 12 years of experience and a very talented and experienced team of professionals lead by Mercedes Marro as Director and Pierre Nothman as the Executive Producer. Our approach is based on creating unique properties that are fresh, well defined and in line with current market trends.

    We believe in developing strong CONCEPTS that communicate Globally ... CONCEPTS that work on a 360 level! Animation + On Line + Licensing + Publishing

    TOMAVISTAS is a full ANIMATION located in Barcelona Spain, very well known for its original production concepts and production value... We also can be humble but we do love our work!

    Tomavistas creates, develops, produces, and distribute animation series. We create and develop our own projects; in addition we also offer our services as a studio and work as partners in co-production ventures.

    It has been quite an experience gained along the years already while working side by side with high level National and International broadcasters and producers. This has earned Tomavistas the rightful reputation as a top animation company that creates and produces original, high quality animation for a wide target audience. Or so they say…

    If you are interested in DEVELOPING and CO-PRODUCING new animation series, CO-PRODUCING additional material for series already in existence and LICENSING its animation properties, just contact us. We will be more than happy to hear from you and study new projects.